Giving it another go – November 6, 2013

Well here we go again, I’m going to give it another try but this time I’ve given myself a built in motivator. A quick refresher of what’s been going on with me since my last posting. We’ve moved into our place but we are still unpacking this and that. In all actuality we probably will be unpacking little things for the better part of at least another month.  In all honesty, that’s just how we roll.  Our furry children adapted to the new living arrangement very quickly, which is always a good thing. Our pup Doodlebug isn’t a fan of the entire house having only tile and linoleum flooring, but she’s coping a little bit more each day.

I also had 2 interesting and positive experiences with animals this week. I was pleased with the outcome of each so I thought I’d share those here as well. One day I was driving home from work and came upon a very soggy black poodle roaming freely and aimlessly in and out of traffic. Everyone in both lanes slowed down and cautiously navigated around the dog as he was walking around the road without knowledge of the consequences of stepping in front of cars could mean. I pulled into a nearby driveway to turn around then proceeded to drive ahead of the dog. I parked on the side of the road in an effort to get out and catch him because I could see when he walked by me originally that he was wearing a collar. I was hopeful  he would have a tag so that I could just scoop him up, drive him back home and return him to his family. Alas that was not the case. He did have a collar but NO tag. I didn’t learn that until about 20 minutes later when with the help of nice passerby I was finally able to catch him. Because it was so early in the morning I knew the local dog pound wouldn’t be open yet and I absolutely could not bring a dog into my house with cats and a live-in dog. I took her to a local retailer that works with the local animal shelter on a weekly basis and they happily took him to a pin there to feed him and make sure he made it home.

Two days later I was feeding Boo when I heard a series of repeated tiny meows.  I stepped off the patio and headed toward the sound of the little noise. In the corner of the neighboring back lawn under a roll of fencing there was a trapped little orange kitten. It was a very small kitten, about the size of my palm. Once I reached toward the kitten it started giving these little nervous hisses at me. Once I finally got it freed from beneath the fence, I carried it next door and while it wasn’t one of their kittens, she agreed to keep it and started warming milk to make sure she could get it fed and keep it warm. So both little animals got a happy ending which means so did I!

My initial reason for posting here again was dual in nature. I am very happy to announce that I was baptized on Sunday, October 27, 2013. I’ve felt God in my life for quite a while now and I wanted to share my public declaration and devotion with my church family. Any of my readers that knows me personally, well they know I’m not a person comfortable with a lot of attention or being in front of a large audience. I’ve been evaluating my life in terms of my faith practices and like everyone there are places where I need and want to improve. My primary focus will be daily devotional time.

Sunday after service I went to the bookstore in the church to see what kind of devotionals were available for my novice level and relative inexperience with the bible.  The name of the devotional is WWJD today?. I started my daily quiet time today. The assignment for today was Luke 1: 1-4.  I’m feeling great and looking very forward to furthering myself in my walk with Jesus. For anyone that reads the same verses, please feel free to message me with comments and/or discussion topics. Have a blessed day everyone!



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