Long time, no talk…

It’s been over 3 months since I’ve posted an entry for my blog. For any of you that enjoyed reading it, I apologize for the delay. I have added some new friends to Facebook from work that haven’t been exposed to my blog yet. If I have any first time readers, here’s a brief explanation. I enjoy writing as a way to relax so I ramble on about my personal random encounters and points of view. That’s it really – nothing exciting or particularly suspenseful.

As a few of you know we’ve been working on moving and everything that goes with it for a few months now. I had an overly long stint of unemployment and was having a hard time creating a viable budget. Fortunately I did find some resources of assistance and we are now on our way to a new home. I’ll be meeting with everyone for the final inspection a bit later this morning.

I am profoundly thankful that we found a nice little place that will accept our pets. The only downside of our new place is that it doesn’t include a fenced in backyard. That is a significant downfall as we sort of adopted a beautiful black lab (BonnieBoo) that is an outdoor dog. She’s always been an outdoor dog and is too advanced in age to attempt to train to live indoors. My happiness at finding and securing our new home is being greatly hampered by the fact that we both genuinely love Bonnie. As many of you know there are no greater animals lovers than Mari and myself. For the last couple of weeks as our new living arrangement was being finalized, I would sit in back with Bonnie a little each day. Everyday I would pet her and look into her gorgeous brown eyes as tears filled my own eyes. I don’t have the skill to accurately express how much this situation breaks our hearts. Bonnie, or Boo as we call her, is a friendly girl that gets along well with people and other dogs.Image

This picture is a few years old as she now has some white and grey sprinkled in with the black fur around her nose. She is submissive when around other dogs but has never lived with other animals. She’s a great watchdog and always lets us know when something is out of sync with our home or neighboring lots. We are both holding on to hope and faith that we’ll find a loving home for Boo.

The other thing that has been concerning me lately is that I have bouts with migraine headaches. I am on prescription medication and doctor approved OTC medications to help me handle the pain. Approximately the last two weeks I’ve been fighting off migraines on a daily basis. This type of repetitive pain is primarily brought on by stress. So I think I can safely attribute them to housing search as well. It’s time to grab a shower and get ready for the inspection. I’m hoping my motivation to write will continue and I’ll add some more here later. Until then…have a blessed day! 🙂

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