Wednesday – April 24, 2013

Today was a rather rough day for me. I did have the day off work. I have been distracted by the fact that I believe I’m getting a sinus infection. The worst part is that it only seems to be effecting my right eye. For the last couple of days my eye has been very sensitive to the touch near both corners. It’s been watering quite a lot and every time I wipe away the tear, under my eye is very tender. It also hurts when I blink. Alright, enough of my rambling about a potential ailment. Whenever I’m not feeling 100% I sidetrack myself by doing something creative. So I worked on an icon for my blog that is representative of myself. I finished one and put it on the blog site but when I looked at it again today, I don’t think it’s the one to use moving forward so I’m going to take a little break from rambling and work on a more accurate icon.
I’m back and that was about 40 minutes worth of work but I am much happier with this blog icon picture than my previous one. This particular one is more inclusive of pieces of me that I appreciate about myself. When I was working on this icon I was considering what elements to add that would visually represent important aspects of my person. It only took a moment for me to realize that it’s pretty much impossible to squeeze myself into a little graphic that is less then 500 square pixels. So I picked a few characteristics that suited me and went with it from there. Just in case it doesn’t come across when I post let me tell you what I put together. As I mentioned previously, I collect monkeys and have a particular fondness for sock monkeys. I also love rainbows for a variety of reasons. As a creative soul I love the depth of color theory reflected in one of nature’s most simple and marvelous occurrences. I also adore that the very same nature’s miracle has been chosen as the celebratory flag of diversity representing the LGBT community. I have also rather recently discovered and started working on improving my relationship with God. I found a rainbow striped sock monkey and placed a copy of the cross I wear every single day on it’s chest.
Moving on…this evening I wanted to talk about something that I don’t believe I’ve shared with any of you as of yet. That being said if you are a friend on my Facebook page this won’t be any surprise to you at all. Tonight one of the pages I like shared an image of a magnificent deer. The caption on the deer read, “When I look into the eyes of an animal I do not see an animal. I see a living being. I see a friend. I feel a soul.” The moment I saw the powerful image and read the accompanying words, my heart was touched with it’s absolute truth. Since I was a young kid I’ve always had a very genuine and sincere bond with animals of all kinds. I am a lover and advocate for animals, their rights and humane treatment.
In the first place we lived together which was in Ohio, that’s where we started rescuing our furry family. We rescued all 5 of our cats from 2 different facilities. Of the 5 we decided to rescue by bringing into our home. Over 9 years ago we adopted 3 adult cats and 2 kittens. Today we live with 4 of our 5 original cats and we’ve since inherited 2 dogs. I will write a bit more about the furry kiddos another day. For now – good night!Image


One thought on “Wednesday – April 24, 2013

  1. I’m so sorry about your eye and your sinus infection, Angela, but I also want to congratulate you on your blog. You are doing exactly what people need to do when they’re becoming serious writers, which is to do a lot of writing–and you’re doing an excellent job of it.

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