Tuesday – April 23, 2013

I am awake and feel like I’m ready for bed again. I was approved by an assistant manager for Sunday off work a couple of reasons. When I was hired HR told me that I’d be working 4 days and off 3 days in a row. I mistakenly thought it was the date for the ladies night event at church. I was incorrect, that will be this coming Sunday but since I had been approved already – I didn’t go in to work on Sunday night. After my first full 4 day shift, I was honestly just completely exhausted. Not only was I exhausted but I was almost in full-on zombie mode when clocking out and beginning the slow painful limp out to my car.
When I last listed for you an itemized listing of my injuries, I failed to list the random bruises, scratches and bumps that magically appear on my arms and legs. I seriously look like someone has smacked me around with a broomstick or something. I have at least 2-5 bruises or scratches on each arm and leg. I was laughing the other night when I first noticed them because I look like I’ve been beaten. Now before anyone comments on how I need to be more careful or express concern about my job being overly dangerous, let me just say relax. My job is quite safe. I have always bruised very easily. Even a motion as simple and painless as pulling a box of 12 canned corns off the shelf and sitting it on the floor can result in a couple of bruises. So after my first full shift of days I was able to limp inside my house and collapse into my favorite chair.
I still have that huge blister on the back of my heel and it’s killing me. It’s not so much that it is actually painful because it’s really not. It’s that I have this huge water tumor looking thing on my foot. It’s pretty disgusting to look at and I need it to go away so I can wear my sneakers without a big Band-Aid. The last bit about work for tonight is that I am enjoying the team I am a part of during our overnight shift. Everyone seems nice and it’s very team oriented toward the common goals of getting all team members tasks completed. Overall I’m glad I finally got a job and even though I feel a new set of aches during every shift, I’m happy to be working again.
On to more interesting subject matter. I’ve been thinking more than usual about my relationship with God. As for my promise to stay awake and make it to church, I didn’t make it this week either. After all 4 shifts in a row for the first time I was extremely tired. I came home and tried to shower later in the morning to postpone breakfast/dinner. I thought if I postponed it long enough that I’d be able to just shower, change and head right to church. After removing my shoes and socks and reclining back in my chair I started dozing off. I kept trying to wake myself and prolong my overall amount of waking hours but I was not having any success. I eventually just caved in and grabbed my shower before eating and crashing gloriously into bed. My 2 weeks of missing church in a row are weighing heavily on my mind and heart.
I am sad and disappointed about missing 2 of my pastor’s sermons. I truly do love my church and the complete loving feel of my church family. I have found a co-worker that is comfortable talking about faith. I still haven’t completely dedicated myself reading my daily devotionals and bible passages. I know I am the one in charge of managing my time and everyday I say I’m going to sit down and put the tabs in my bible to make it much easier to reference for devotional readings. I am going to make a promise to get my bible done before this time next week. On the upside I do get daily bible passages to read daily. I also subscribe to a daily message from God. The daily message is much like a real life application of basic principles of living my life through God. More on everything later. I hope everyone is having a great week. Good night and I’m off to dream of awesome opportunities!

2 thoughts on “Tuesday – April 23, 2013

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